Myths and Legends

T.W. Rolleston

458 Blz., ISBN 1-85958-006-8 
The Guernsey Press, 1994 

Renowned for their fierceness in battle, for the intricate beauty of their art and for their independence, the Celtic peoples of the British Isles were equally well known for their love of story-telling. Their tradition was essentially an oral one and most of their favourite stories were not written down until many centuries after they were first told.

This collection of British myths brings together a host of gods and heroes. From Ireland come the mighty warrior Cuchulain, the formidable Queen Maev, the doomed lovers Deidre and Naisi. The legends of Wales tell of the giant Bran, of faithless Blodeuwedd and of the knights of King Arthur´s court. Running through all these adventures is a rich seam of mystery, for the Celtic otherworld is always close at hand.

With over forty delightfull illustrations, Celtic Myths and Legends provides an immensely readable introduction to ancient Celtic tales.

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