Customs, Spells & Rituals For The Rites Of Spring
Celebrate the Awakening Earth at the Spring Equinox

Edain McCoy

206 Blz., ISBN 0 7387 0082 7     
Llewellyn Worldwide, 2002     

Embrace Ostara as a point of balance in your life, a moment in time where both dark and light and night and day are in harmony before the light is victorious and carries us on to the bounty of summer pleasures. Ostara is packed with rituals, spells, recipes, crafts, and customs to celebrate the awakening Earth.

This delightful guidebook will help you deepen your understanding of the spiritual aspects of this ancient spring holiday, and discover new ideas for expressing that spirituality.

  • Myths and stories: Mother Earth, Green Man, Persephone, Pan, Diana, and other Deities of Spring
  • Ostara magick and divination: Eggshell Pertility Talisman, Pastel Color Magick, Hare Divination, Sprink Flower Magick
  • Season crafts: Eostre Eggs, Anointing Oils for the Spring God and Goddes, Growing Wishes Seed Planting
  • Early spring goodies and treats: Ostara Egg Nog, Honegar, Egg and Artichoke Pie, Goat Cheese Pasta, Green Man Cake
  • Ostara rituals and traditions: Rites of Spring Dance, Labyrinth, Rituals for Balancing and Centering, and Awakening Mother Earth

Edain McCoy (Midwest) became a self-initiated Witch in 1981, and she has been an active part of the Pagan community since her formal initiation in 1983. She is the author of fifteen books, including Bewitchments; Enchantments; A Witch´s Guide to Fairy Folk; Celtic Women´s Spirituality; Magick & Rituals of the Moon; and The Sabbats.

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